About Us

About Us
ACFerry International Pty Ltd is a local high-end customized PC club in Australia. We provide PC assembly, upgrade and retail of PC parts and accessories.
Logo design
Our English name-ACFerry is derived from three words: "A" stands for "Australia"; "C" stands for China; and Ferry, stands for ferry. That's why our Chinese name is called Ferryman PC Club. Our logo consists of three parts: the outer arc, the middle triangle and the text below. The outer layer uses the arc of the color #abcdef, which represents the "C" part of "ACFerry", and also represents the loading animation when the browser and the system react. The triangle in the middle represents the "A" part of "ACFerry": the shape of the triangle is taken from the letter "A", and this shape also represents the cursor of a PC mouse. Generally speaking, it is complementary to our main business.
Name inspiration
We were motivated by the history and tales created by the people on the Mayflower who landed on the American land in 1620. As ferrymen, they brought British culture to the American continent and carried it forward.
Our Mission
Our aim is to provide perfect PC parts and customized building solutions to our valued local customers.


How our business works:

  • Building PC

If you have any PC need, come to us in the physical store or have a chat online with our brilliant technicians, they would offer you a perfect tailored building list and quote which suits you the best. Then you just need to wait for  1-2 days, we'd deliver your lovely PC to your home or office free.


  • PC Parts and Accessories Retail

You can easily find the PC parts and accessories on our website, facebook or you can pop in our physical store.


  • Gaming Desks and Chairs


For your convenience, you can also find gaming desks and chairs by us. Choose your favorite style and we'll organize the delivery to you.